1. Enhancing GraphQL Schemas with Interfaces

    At the heart of any GraphQL project is a schema, a document that describes all of the types, queries, mutations, and subscriptions that are available on the API. In addition to these basic types, the GraphQL schema definition language provides us with a way to create an interface.

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  2. Upgrading the GraphQL Workshop

    "We out here". I say this at least 5 times every day. I never knew the origin until I looked it up and found out that it means the "arduous labor of consistent practice in skateboarding tricks...skating hard...putting in work". Turns out, I've been using that phrase right, because lately, "we out here" has meant that we are on the road teaching GraphQL workshops.

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  3. Understanding GraphQL Mutations

    You can't spell GraphQL without the QL: the query language. But don't let the term query suggest that GraphQL is only about getting data. GraphQL is way more than that.

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